Founded in 2001

TLords was founded on January 2nd in 2001. Yup, 2001. Our organization has always been about working together and about having fun and joy in every world we visit.
Since 2012 we decided to head for Star Citizen, hopefully it will be our final destination. 

 Our Head Quarters

An old castle in the mountains of the forgotten planet Thamber.
A place only known to friends, people we worked with and who we trust with our lives. A welcome retreat for weary explorers, travellers and warriors, located in the outskirts of the Verse.

 Our intentions

We are a group of gamers who dislike ego and powerplay. We enjoy this game. No more, no less. We do not want to be a large org. We just want to stick out by being a friendly, helpful group of people who watch each other backs and help out when and where possible.

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The TLord Society membership is on invitation only.
Contact Santorini if you think you belong here. 

 Status Star Citizen

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