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This page is about the selfish idiot who named himself Murgen.

Murgens Lore
A weary CC-9600 Frigate was on the run. It was the Cerberus from the TLord Clan, a small Rebel faction. The Imperial Navy was chasing the CC-9600 near the Nebula field in Hutt Space. Three Interdictors were closing in when the Cerberus suddenly changed course and speeded up into the Moralan Nebula. It was a strange and dangerous place where all sensors become useless. The hidden and always moving asteroid fields in the Nebula created huge graveyards of unlucky ships and their unfortunate crews. The Interdictors broke off the hunt and the CC-9600 vanished in the deep-purple clouds of infinity. On the bridge the crew suddenly saw an anomaly flashing in front of the Cerberus. It was one of those jump holes that suddenly appear and just as fast disappears. The ship was drawn into the anomaly and started a journey to unknown territory. For about 10 minutes the old Frigate was shaking and trembling and suddenly the anomaly spit it out. There they were, drifting in unknown space. No sign of the Imperials ... then they saw an unknown planet.

Much later they learned it was Bremen, UEE-space. And so explains Murgen his move from that galaxy far far away to the Verse.


Murgens Bio
The name Murgen comes from Lyonesse, a trilogy written by Jack Vance. I started using the name Murgen in 1996. It was the time when one of my first e-mail boxes got flooded by Chinese spam mail. From that time on I used the name Murgen in all my online ventures that did not involved my private or personal career.

I started gaming in 1982. First on Arcade-machines (Ms Pacman, Donkey Kong, Battle zone) and early 1984 on the CBM64. In 1989 I bought my first PC and during the nineties my PC’s became faster, better and more suited for other games then Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest. Of course I played all X-Wing games and picked up the Wing Commander saga starting with WC2. Fun-fact is that I remember Ben Lesnick (former community manager SC) from the Wing Commander Information Center.

I was very impressed with WC3, WC4 and the downloadable WC5 extension (which took about 20 hours on a 64 kbps connection). I broke my first joystick playing X-Wing and broke the fire-button from two Microsoft ForceFeedback joysticks playing WC5 and X-Wing Alliance.

I have always been gaming and learned to get to the ‘real life comes first’ situation. I will never ever run any game organization on my own anymore because it is a stressful and cumbersome experience. You can’t do it right, whatever you try.  

It has been a long ride, more then 35 years now. Gaming developed in a way I could not imagine. Signing off, take care, good luck and have fun out there!

Murgen Templar 

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