2020-04-19: With the new website underway there will be a new blog on the main-site

2020-04-13: Building TLords new website. A project on which I have no dependancies on others. Very nice! 

2020-04-02: I decided to bring TLords back to live. Because it is TLords. Santorini is in charge of TLords.  

2020-01-15: Hello, long time to post.I took a break from the online community. Have a good 2020. Do the math 

2019-10-29: Okay folks, Murgen left the FB XvT/XWA page. One reason and one reason alone. Losers and whiners

In Star Citizen with 2,4 million backers and > 2.50 million US dollars in raised funds there are many white knights. I’m not. I play the game almost on a daily basis since 2016. I have seen the developments in quality, gameplay and especially the technical innovative developments Chris Roberts pushed to make this game work. Anybody can have fun in this game. From exploring deep and wide caves under one the surface of the moons or planets, trading, bounty hunting, doing missions, dogfight, dedicated FPS areas or just do it all. I guarantee you can easily spend 2-3 hours in the Verse without being bored. The current patch 3.7.1 is incredible mature and immersive.

I cannot stand people who do not play the current version and base their verdict on critical articles in game magazines, YouTube videos from influencers and have no clue or their own feeble attempts to play back in 2012-2014. Yes folks, developing a game like this takes time. Developing procedural planet generation and object container streaming takes time. But the result is awesome. We do have ArcCorp which reminds me a lot of Coruscant but then for real.

I do not need negative remarks from trolls. So goodbye, sleeping community where the ’superior’ people with ’superior’ attitude, reputation and ‘knowledge' dwell. Phantoms from the past. Good riddance.

2022-11-13: Wauw, we are waiting for patch 3.18. 3 years passed and slowly things are getting there. 

2022-11-13: The Stanton system has been finished in patch 3.15. RSI works on server meshinh now. 

2019-10-19: SC Patch 3.7.1 went live, and it is incredible how this game grew and developed. Awesome!

2019-09-11: Converted the website to Blocs, a newer and better webbuilder 

2019-09-03: We run on 3.6 now. Impressive Origin 890 Jump added (210 meter long luxuary yacht)

2019-07-15: GameGlass offers Tablet software as MFD’s for Star Citizen. Makes life easy!

2019-06-06: Decided to semi-retire and enjoy life (which turns out to be a good decision) 

2019-04-18: We run on 3.5 now and ArcCorp added to the system (SC’s Coruscant)

2018-12-31: I wish you all a happy and successful 2019

2018-12-30: Things went fast. SC alpha 3.4.1 with the first planet and a city with a metro system

2018-12-20: We ran a week of daily activity and we had a nice team exploring Hurston and moons

2018-12-15: Quite some salt on the XWA FaceBook page. They have no clue about Star Citizen

2018-11-10: Family flew to Bali, I treated myself on a 34-inch widescreen with a RTX2080 videocard

2018-08-26: Alpha 3.2.2 gave us mining. Upcoming 3.3 will improve netcode and will double the Verse

2018-06-05: Star Citizen is a slow journey, it will take at least 3 more years to get a more or less complete game

2018-06-04: Activity in my current organization is so low that I consider a solo project

2018-05-22: TLords website is not subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

2018-05-18: We just hit alpha 3.1.4 with working speederbikes (Dragonfly and Nox)

2018-01-26: Polaris is doing fine, with his job and family he is just too busy to be bothered with gaming

2018-01-25: Sandvox was deceiving me, fonts were different on other browsers then Safari. DoH!

2018-01-24: Updates page added to website

2018-01-24: TLords Society Forums has been taken offline. Too many Bots were registering on an invisible forum

2018-01-23: JohnA has now reading glasses

2018–1-22: TLord Piet will join as soon as he has the opportunity to get a game package

2018-01-22: Murgen ordered a new rig, a Coffee lake 8700 with a M2 SSD … yummie yummie

2018-01-01: Happy 2018 ya'all!

2017-12-31: Hunter, Heer and Onion joined OBEC. Welcome Gentlemen!  

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