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On January 2nd, 2001, Murgen and Balrog founded TLords. The Templar Lords with game-handle [TLord]. We choose TLord as handle for Templar Lords. We figured out there is a parallel between the Jedi order and the Templar Knights. We started on (free) and quickly noticed that the website was blocked for several American visitors. It took a while to figure out was run by adult star Tracey Lords. Well, that was fun.

It was Onion who built our first website and our first banner. Especially in the start TLords was run as a tight team and group. Some great people worked hard to make our group into a succes. Cemmott was a great recruiter, Piet a trustworthy companion, Polaris the peacekeeper in the NA and Canadian Timezone and we had Ulven and Hunter to do the dirty work. Not to mention JohnA and others I forgot about.

For some years all went well. However, we also had our problems. Within a month, TLords was infiltrated by The Screaming Wookies, who were hired to take us down. Murgen had a war with DS and especially their Judge - Advocate - General ‘Freeze’. Freeze and his companions ruled DS like a military organization and used to take down other organizations. And we had a love and hate relation with UNA, WTF and some other big boys groups. But thanks to SSFW and Crimson Mercenaries, we managed, especially the first months. We continued participation in WoW and EFL and so on. We did not do too bad.

When XWA started to decline it became much harder to keep TLords active and together. But that was not the only reason. People grew older and started doing other things. And that is fine because such is life. Everything changes and it will never be the same. But we had a good run and this site is to keep that memory alive. Thank you for being part of TLords XWA era.

This website will continue with more stories about TLords participation and mishaps in the games we used to play. It will also tell you where Murgen is and what he is doing now.

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